Living. / by Sarah Olfelt


wow, it's been a while since I've jotted some thoughts down on here, but here I am. Some words that have been on my mind recently are joy, perspective, resilience, and life. All words that have been shaping the way I wake up in the morning and go about my day. 

Joy-- All throughout my childhood I was a bubbly little girl, always wanting to talk to people, always wanting people to feel loved and cherished. I obviously had my times of crying and scream fits, but what kid doesn't, honestly. I pray that I am still that little girl (minus the screaming fits, crying is okay). I find myself, more often than not, focusing in on little things that steal my joy so quickly. Peoples opinions of me, pleasing others, and other little obstacles that throw me off guard all too easily. Joy is something so much deeper than allowing those little things to affect it. It's deeper than any happiness this world could try to sustain in us. Joy shines through the clouds that hover above us. Joy is abundant through our God, eternal. 

Perspective-- This goes hand in hand with joy. Why? Because when I wake up in the morning, the way I choose to have my attitude from the start of the day is how the day will go. I was listening to a song the other day called "Moving Forward" by Colony House and some lyrics that vividly spoke to me were these:

"My eyes are open, my heart is beating, I found the one that gave me reason to live."

lyrics that remind me to change perspective. Rather than letting all of the little things cloud my heart, spirit, and mind with negativity, allow the simple truths to GUIDE your life. Waking up in the morning and thanking our Father who has simply given us another day to fully LIVE is quite the way to start your day. Such a slap in the face honestly. This life is not our own. Wake up and speak thankfulness over your life, and goodness. You have breath, you have life. 

Resilience-- Remembering that there are battles we are going to face on this earth, but not allowing them to define us or swallow us whole. Personally, being in college is really hard for me. There are hundreds of things I want to go out and do, I feel anxious when I am here, and I have never truly found a community here that I feel like home in. Sometimes I feel lonely and just question everything I am doing. But again, perspective comes into play here as well. I'm honestly so thankful I have the opportunity to be in college and learn everyday. Many people across the globe would do anything to have this opportunity, and I find myself complaining. Reality check. But remember that we all fight our battles, but none of us are alone. We all go through something and it's okay to not be OK. But you aren't alone and try not to allow things of this world to weigh you down when the truth is that we will rejoice in the Simple Gospel! In our Lord!

Life-- What is life to you? I think that a lot of people have so much potential, have so much burning inside of them, but leave it there. I think a lot of people merely exist, rather than live. I pray that we all take a step to try to live. To breath life. And being fully alive to me is to chase after the light that our God beams from above. To run after His ways. And once we choose to do that, life will become more abundantly full than we could ever imagine. I'm actually just giddy thinking about a life lived fully ALIVE. I want to do that. I think a lot of us want that. So let's do it.


& please remember,

you are so loved,