Suffering / by Sarah Olfelt

"Christians are not promised life without suffering, but the certainty of God’s provision and protection provides confidence of a safe haven. He is faithful to His promises. If you belong to Him, you will find security in God in even the most distressing circumstances." 

That quote has been a testimony to my life currently. And I know I am not in this boat alone. We have all suffered, whether that be small or big, we have all been through things we couldn't fathom going through. Then we wrestle with God and ask questions like; "Why me? Why now? I can't do this." 

But really, we CAN do this. We all have hurdles, we all have struggles, we ALL feel like we are falling apart at some point. But that does not mean GOD, the AWESOME, ALL powerful Father of ours is not putting these in our path for a purpose. I believe that God does give us things we cannot handle at times, but He CAN handle them. We are called to fall back and rely on God in good and bad. Without Him, we cannot do it. And if we try, we fail. I am learning, more and more, that I cannot do this crazy life alone. The strength I need on the day to day is from God. It's not mine, nor will it ever be. 

I just want everyone to know that no one is alone. We all have different stories full of heartache and joy but we can be there, standing by one another to listen and to love. I am so passionate about listening and loving those around me and I think we all need to be aware that we are surrounded by people that contain and carry tons of joy and hurt. We are human, we all struggle, don't try to hide it, rejoice in the struggles and sufferings; for we can gain strength through it. 

love you all.