Hello!   I'M SARAH.

hello there! Sarah here. I do not believe in the power to get to know someone over a simple and brief bibliography, but I will share a few words about myself. I am a 20 year old college student studying Integrated Strategic Communication with an emphasis in Advertising and a certificate in leadership management but my passion truly lies within the lens of a camera and capturing stories and memories. My heart and home is in the cities of MN and I am a Jesus lover, an avid coffee + tea drinker, rock climber, snowboarder, journal-er, concert go-er, and family gal. I believe in hope and joy and I dream and run after a full life; a life lived abundantly. I truly would love to grab a coffee and talk about a shoot or just learn about you & your fantastic story that has been knitted so perfectly together.


All images on this cite are taken and edited by Sarah Olfelt.