Hello!   I'M SARAH.

A quick snippet of who I am:

I’m a 22 year old (somewhat recent) college graduate. I used to think that I was going to pursue a corporate job in an agency (that’s what I was told to do) downtown in one of those huge, tall buildings that overlooked all of minneapolis. At 21 I realized that my life was quickly changing direction with my true passion! I get to capture photos of PEOPLE, MEMORIES, EMOTIONS, STORIES… full time! I didn’t think it was possible! Thank you JESUS! No corporate job for this girl. My heart and home are in the cities of MN. I am enthralled with the love and grace of Jesus, an avid coffee + tea drinker, rock climber, snowboarder, journal-er, hiker, concert go-er, and family gal. I believe in hope and joy and I dream and run after a full life; a life lived abundantly. Let's grab some coffee and talk vision, photos, dreams, life... anything really.


All images on this cite are taken and edited by Sarah Olfelt.